That’s right, Bob and Larry are coming again in an all new adventure. Here’s your chance to take a sneak-peak at the crew of the USS Applepies as they explore strange new worlds.

The all new VeggieTales DVD coming this spring, Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier, features Captain Cuke, played by Larry the Cucumber, along with Mr. Spork, his loyal first officer, played by Bob the Tomato.

Joining the crew of the USS Applepies are new faces and familiar characters. The entire crew must confront a power-stealing space pirate, Luntar the Looter, played by Mr. Lunt.

But everyone is surprised when they learn what is motivating this pirate.

Check out the exciting new images of the characters in this story…


VIS_Cuke Captain Cuke

VIS_Spork Mr. Spork




Luntar the Looter

VIS_Luna Luna

VIS_JuniorNephew Luntar’s nephew Junior

Don’t miss this brave, new adventure where everyone learns an important lesson in the power of sharing. Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier will be available on March 11, 2014. Your can now pre-order on