That’s right, Bob and Larry are coming soon an all new, disco adventure. Get ready to grove to six, all new, Veggie-style songs. Celery Night Fever is coming August 5, 2014. Check out the all new trailer below.

Celery Park use to be a community center, bringing people together, but now Bruce Onion (special guest Terry Crews), a real estate tycoon, wants to tear out the run-down park to make way for a parking lot.

The school kids pull together to restore the park but need something big to get the attention of the entire town — a reunion concert by The Groovy Brothers.

But these estranged band members and long-lost friends haven’t even talked to each other in years. Can they learn the power of forgiveness?

Celery Night Fever will be available on August 5, 2014. Stay tuned for more news about this upcoming DVD. Watch the all new trailer now!