Do you love the music from Beauty and the Beet? My kids haven’t stopped singing the catchy songs since we first saw the show. Now you can own the soundtrack to this great VeggieTales episode.

This CD contains all the songs you love from the Beauty and the Beet DVD including eight songs featuring Kellie Pickler as Mirabelle. You can also enjoy the new Silly Song “Mac and Cheese”.

Beauty and the Beet: The Soundtrack is now available on Amazon as a CD or MP3 digital download. You can also purchase individual songs.

Here is the track list from this album.

  1. Show You Love
  2. The Person God Wants Me To Be
  3. Now That You’re Gone
  4. If This Were My Home
  5. Mac N Cheese
  6. La, La, LaLa
  7. Love Is the Song
  8. 5 Servings of You
  9. Love Is the Song Finale
  10. Deck the Halls