We’re still digging through our archive of VeggieTales coloring pages, so please check back for more!

You can find more games and printables over at the official VeggieTales site,


Celery Night Fever


Veggies In Space: A Fennel Frontier


Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas

MerryLarry_Coloring_1_sm MerryLarry_Coloring_4_sm MerryLarry_Coloring_3_sm MerryLarry_Coloring_2_sm

MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle

Coloring - MacLarry1Coloring - MacLarry2Coloring - MacLarry3Coloring - MacLarry4

The Little House That Stood

Coloring - Little House1Coloring - Little House2Coloring - Little House3Coloring - Little House4

The League of Incredible Vegetables

Coloring - League1 Coloring - League2 Coloring - League3Coloring - League4

The Penniless Princess

Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men

MerryLarry_Coloring_4_sm MerryLarry_Coloring_3_sm MerryLarry_Coloring_2_sm MerryLarry_Coloring_1_sm

The Little Drummer Boy

LittleDrummerBoy-Coloring_1-sm LittleDrummerBoy-Coloring_2-sm LittleDrummerBoy-Coloring_3-sm

The Princess and the Pop Star

PrincessPopStar-Coloring_4-sm PrincessPopStar-Coloring_3-sm PrincessPopStar-Coloring_1-sm PrincessPopStar-Coloring_2-sm

‘Twas the Night Before Easter

Coloring - Night Before Easter1Coloring - Night Before Easter2

Sweetpea Beauty

The Pirates Movie

The Sumo of the Opera

The Ballad of Little Joe


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