Sumo of the Opera

A Lesson In Perseverance
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Release Date:
August 2004

Get ready for the event of the century and a lesson in perseverance as The Italian Scallion (Larry the Cucumber) challenges Apollo Gourd for the World Veggie-Weight Title! Can Scallion stick with it and finish the match? Can he keep his eye on the prize? Watch as The Italian Scallion learns when you finish what you start, you always come out the winner!

Also includes Lutfi’s Fanciful Flannel-graph — The Story of St. Patrick, and Going Up! — Three Veggie Stooges try to deliver a very grand piano to the top floor of a mansion!


Silly Song


  • Wrestlers of Japan
  • A Joking Sumo I
  • He's Accepted the Challenge (Parts 1 & 2)
  • A Sumo Can't Go Wrong
  • The Feeling of Finishing